Growing up on the Canadian Prairies, Alison busied herself with creating opportunities to act. She was the Artistic Director of a basement theatre company consisting of her two brothers, directing puppet shows and staging scenes that she hoped would somehow be featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Alison reached the climax of her childhood acting career when she was cast as “The Wife” in a fourth grade school production of The Shoemaker’s Wife.

In 2006 Alison graduated from the University of Calgary with a double degree, in Commerce and Theatre, and fell in love with acting on stage.

At age 26, after sampling a dual life of business by day and theatre by night, Alison relocated to Vancouver. Since arriving on the West Coast, she has appeared in shows including Van Helsing (SyFy) The X Files Revival (FOX), The Magicians (SyFy), Minority Report (FOX), iZombie (CW), Backstrom (FOX), Motive (ABC), Once Upon a Time (ABC), Age of Adeline (Lakeshore), and Supernatural (CW) . See Alison’s IMDB page for a full list of credits.

With two short film Producer credits under her belt, Alison continues to explore the world of storytelling, with the goal of creating thought-provoking stories in theatre and film. She is a founding member of the ARTery Collective theatre company.